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Frequently Asked Questions

We're constantly adding new questions to the list.


Can I donate to the Aether project? Are there perks for donating?

We currently have a Patreon where you can pledge monthly to the development of the Aether project and snag special in-game perks and ranks on our community platforms. Additionally, you'll receive a game key for our official launcher to play our bleeding edge Indev builds, which are updated every night. You can pledge to our Patreon here to receive special perks and feed our developers for another day.

I found a bug/my game is crashing! How do I report it?

Minecraft 1.7 and older

Support is not provided for older releases of the Aether. However, our community may have a few helping hands for you.

Minecraft 1.10 and newer

Make sure you're playing the latest indev build before reporting an issue! If you're up-to-date, feel free to create an issue on our issue tracker. Be sure to search for similar issues before posting to prevent duplicates.


How do I play the Aether mod?

The Aether is a mod for Minecraft, which means a Minecraft account is required to play.

You can download and play the Aether from our downloads page. For the easiest installation, including automatic updating, we recommend using the launcher. However, manual installation files are also provided. When installing manually, be sure to use the matching version of Forge.

Can I install the Aether mod on a cracked client?

Yes, but we will not provide any support if you do so. The official Aether Launcher requires a Minecraft account to play, and will not work without one. If you run into any issues, you're on your own. We do not allow the discussion nor promoting of cracked installations on any of our community platforms.


Where is the Mutation update?

The Mutation update has been scrapped. We're instead currently working on the Aether Rewrite. The Aether Rewrite is a drastic, game-changing update to the Aether, and incorporates a lot of ideas from the original Mutation.

When will the next update be out?

At this time, we're working on the Aether Rewrite for Minecraft 1.10.2, which is one of our most ambitious updates yet. We currently have a public in-development version of the Aether Rewrite (called Indev), which we update every two weeks. You can download and play this version using the official Aether launcher by selecting the Public Indev in your profiles list.

Wait, so what's with the Aether for 1.7?

The Aether for 1.7 is considered deprecated. This means we do not currently work on it, and have no further releases planned. Deprecated versions of the Aether will receive minimum support.


Can I use this mod in my modpack?

Yes, you can use any public version of the Aether in your modpack. However, the Aether binaries (JAR files) must remain un-modified in your modpack. We also ask that you please don't try to make money off anything we've done or claim it as yours, and that you attribute us.

Can I make a playthrough/gameplay video of the Aether?

Yes, you are free to do so! You're also allowed to keep any recorded in-game music, there's no need to remove it. If you're feeling generous, we ask that you attribute us with a link to our website in your video's description. It helps a lot!

Can I make an Aether addon? (including vanilla resource packs)

Yes, you are allowed to create addons for any public version of the Aether. However, we ask that you don't redistribute the Aether's assets (textures, music, etc) without express written permission.

Starting with the release of indev builds, we now provide a public developer API for interfacing with the Aether. Please be sure to check the license before using it in your projects, however.

Contact us by email

We provide a public contact address for support and business inquiries. When contacting us via email, please allow up to 72 hours for a response.

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